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Warmth, Comfort, and Tradition: Snowy Days at Babcia's House

Warmth, Comfort, and Tradition: Snowy Days at Babcia's House

Drawing on childhood memories, whenever there was a big snow, Babcia's house always seemed to draw us in.  We'd go over to make sure she stayed safe through the storm, but admittedly, we also felt cozier with her -- especially indulging in the warmth of her delicious cooking!

After spending a day outside carefully rolling a snowman to wave at her from the backyard, if we were lucky we could look forward to Babcia's rich, creamy hot chocolate.  With as many marshmallows as we'd like inside a stoneware bubble mug, part of the equation involved picking just the right one for the job from her collection of favorites.  Perflectly sized for our cold little hands, Babcia's hot chocolate was the best imaginable!  

The longer we stayed, the more we would eat!  Often, there was chicken soup, which she'd ladle into her loop-handled Polish pottery bowls with a wink, because she knew they were also interesting and fun for us to hold. Made from scratch, her soup was like a hug in a bowl, comforting and nourishing all at once.

But perhaps the most reliably anticipated treat of all:  Babcia's crepes, delicate and delicious, filled with sweet or savory delights to suit every palate. Whether liberally spread with Nutella and fruit or filled with ham and cheese, Babcia always had some of these pre-made. Covered in saran wrap on a Polish pottery platter -- just in case the power did go out -- I don't remember at time when there weren't enough crepes to be eaten by all.

So, as the Nor-Easter hits and the fire crackles in the hearth, we continue the same traditions that she started, pulling out the Polish pottery and whipping up just the right treats to fortify us and get us through the coldest days.  Surrounded by comfort and tradition while we enjoy the simple joys of family, food, and love, it's easy to imagine that snowman's waving arm melting sooner than we'd think.

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