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Should you collect Polish Pottery that matches?

Should you collect Polish Pottery that matches?

Indulging in the delightful hobby of collecting Polish Pottery is a source of endless joy. However, it is crucial to consider practical limits when embarking on this journey. Once you've caught "the bug," it's important to decide on the style you want to collect, establish a budget, and determine what you intend to do with your growing collection. These considerations will provide a foundation for your search, helping you identify the right pieces and determining an appropriate starting point.

Experienced collectors often develop a specific preference over time. Some opt to collect a single pattern exclusively, while others enjoy blending a primary pattern with accent pieces. You may also find collectors who focus on color or theme. The versatility of Polish Pottery designs allows for eclectic combinations, enabling you to create elegant tablescapes with a diverse array of patterns. Whether you choose to highlight your favorite time of the year, local blooms that resonate with you, or complement your current decor, the possibilities are endless.

With nearly 5000 patterns to choose from, including special patterns available upon request, the sheer number of options can be overwhelming. However, new collectors can start small by acquiring a dinner plate in each pattern they like, and then layering pasta bowls and soup bowls on top. Gradually adding complementary tableware such as a pitcher, butter dish, salt and pepper set, and condiment dish allows for enjoyable mix and match possibilities. Experimenting with different patterns will help you discover what truly resonates with your personal taste. Keep in mind that your preferences and collection may evolve over time.

Another important decision to make is whether to invest in "Unikat" pieces, which are unique and hand-signed by accomplished artists, or non-Unikat pieces decorated by various artists. Unikat pieces tend to be more expensive but are perfect for display and special occasions, while non-Unikat pieces are suitable for everyday use. Ultimately, your choice will depend on your budget and personal preference. Both types are designed to complement each other, making it convenient if you plan to reserve one for special occasions and the other for daily use.

Remember, Polish Pottery is not merely meant for display; it is crafted to be used. Do not hesitate to enjoy your collection, including the Unikat pieces, on a daily basis. These stoneware pieces are incredibly durable and will outlast any other dishware or cookware. In fact, they can be passed down as cherished heirlooms. Sharing the joy of collecting Polish Pottery with friends and family enhances the experience, and as your collection grows, you may discover certain pieces that you love to use, proudly showcase, or keep for yourself. Investing in such high-quality, valuable pieces of usable art is always worth the cost.
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