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Boost your Farmhouse Decor with Authentic Polish Pottery

Boost your Farmhouse Decor with Authentic Polish Pottery

Farmhouse decor is all about making your kitchen cozy and warm with different patterns, textures, and traditional designs. It should feel welcoming and relaxed. Most modern farmhouse kitchens use a combination of white and wood, with pops of bold colors like red, blue and black or historic home colors like olive green and dusty blue. Polish pottery is great for this style because its handmade, intricate and colorful patterns and rustic style is a perfect match, and there are many farm-themed patterns to choose from.

Here are some ways you can use Polish stoneware to achieve this look:

  1. Everyday dishes: Using Polish stoneware plates, bowls, and mugs can make your rustic wood dining table look lively and lovely. You can also display them on open shelves or in a glass paneled cabinet when you're not using them.
  2. Jars, bottles, and canisters: Polish pottery can be both practical and beautiful. You can use it to store things like flour, sugar, coffee beans, and pasta. You can also have a special bottle for olive oil and a jar for spoons and spatulas. These pottery pieces will add style to your kitchen counter or shelf and add interest to your kitchen decor.
  3. At the sink: Farmhouse sinks are like a big canvas ready to be embellished. You can add a decorative soap dispenser, a farm-themed kitchen towel, and interesting pottery pieces like sponge holders or small plates for dish soap. The pottery's shapes, textures, and earthy colors will emphasize the rustic appeal of the sink.
  4. Servingware: Farmhouse style calls for nostalgic items, so using pottery in farm-themed patterns or interesting shapes to accent a wooden table is a great idea. You can find butter dishes shaped like cows and pigs, and "cheese lady" dishes for dairy products. You can also have pitchers, napkin holders, salt and pepper shakers, and jars with utensils on your kitchen table. They will make your kitchen look inviting and ready for both meals and casual conversations.
  5. Serving and baking dishes: Polish pottery is perfect for serving from oven to table in farmhouse-style kitchens. Bakers and serving bowls come in different iconic shapes like rectangles, ovals, stars, and hearts. You can use large platters or bowls for family-style meals or to share your favorite recipes with guests. For baked goods, pie plates, casserole dishes, and cookie plates can be displayed as beautiful art in a hutch or on the wall when not in use.
  6. Herb planters and vases: There are Polish pottery planters you can use to  grow herbs for cooking or beautiful vases for flowers. These both help to emphasize the natural abundance that farms enjoy and bring that feeling inside.
  7. Decorative wall accents and pull knobs: Don't forget about your kitchen walls and cabinetry! You can hang pottery pieces like wall hangers, jars for keys, or cutting boards, which will add texture, color, and art to your walls, giving it a special farmhouse charm.  Additionally, there are Polish pottery tiles that can be used for backsplashes as well as finely decorated pull knobs to match your kitchen decor.

Polish pottery is a great way to turn up the dial on charm and warmth in your farmhouse-style kitchen and make it unique. Whether you display it as decoration or use it every day, it will add beauty and seamlessly tie your other décor together. Embrace the beauty and timelessness of Polish stoneware and let it become a special part of your farmhouse-style kitchen.

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