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Bolesławiec Polish Pottery Festival 2023 in Review!

Bolesławiec Polish Pottery Festival 2023 in Review!

In the lovely town of Bolesławiec, Poland, the 29th annual Polish Pottery Ceramics Festival recently happened from August 16th to 20th, 2023. This magical event united pottery fans from around the world, skilled artists, and families for a wonderful celebration of ceramics.  If you've ever been to this festival, you know that they just keep getting better and better.  Here are some of the components that made this year's festival come together.

The Colorful Market and Antiques Exchange

The heart of the festival was the busy Ceramics Market. Many manufacturers showed off their pottery, displaying the careful craftsmanship that Bolesławiec is famous for. Visitors could see a variety of pottery, from modern designs to traditional patterns. The Antiques Exchange was also exciting, where people traded historic pottery.

A Cultural Showcase

Art and culture were important, with the Ceramic and Sculpture Air Exhibition displaying unique creations. As the sun set, the concert stage hosted various music artists.

Fun for All

Besides the splash zone for cooling off, there were interactive games for all ages. There were exciting activities like a cycling race, the Ceramic Cup run, dances, plays, and music. After sunset, a laser show lit up the night sky.


Traditional processions moved through the festival, featuring the well-known "peacock" theme of Polish pottery decoration. The "We live in Europe – Europe lives within us" parade celebrated unity and diversity. The whimsical Clay parade had participants covered in clay parading around the Market Square.

Workshops and Demonstrations

The festival was a learning haven. Talks and classes provided insights into ceramics. The Ceramic Garden offered hands-on experiences, workshops, and demos. Meeting designers in person allowed fans to understand the art's inspiration.

Bolesławiec is truly a charming place where art, history, and community come together.  If you ever have the opportunity to attend, this annual festival should not be missed!

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